10 Best Traumatic Brain Injury Podcasts

Traumatic Brain Injury Podcasts

10 Best Traumatic Brain Injury Podcasts March is Brain Injury Awareness month. Brain injury awareness is crucial as it helps to educate individuals on the potential causes, symptoms, and long-term effects of brain injuries. Increased awareness can lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment, which can improve outcomes for those affected. Additionally, understanding brain injuries can […]

You Are Not Alone

Not Alone

You Are Not Alone “The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.” F. Scott Fitzgerald You Are Not Alone Aphasia can be a very, very lonely condition. It can be lonely for the person who has aphasia and also […]

A Guide To Ambiguous Grief

Ambiguous Grief

A Guide To Ambiguous Grief “No one ever told me that grief felt so much like fear. I am not afraid, but the sensation is like being afraid. The same fluttering in the stomach, the same restlessness…” C.S. Lewis, quote from A Grief Observed Grief is something that we’ve all experienced. If you’re reading this, […]

Brain Injury And Speech

Veronique Brain Injury And Speech

Brain Injury And Speech We welcome guest blogger Veronique Theberge from Weird And Wonderful Brain. One of the biggest impairments that remains for me 4 years following encephalitis and its token brain injury is my speech issues. For me, aphasia means that my speech delivery is often extremely slow, slurred, and connecting the dots between […]

Why Aphasia Awareness Is So Important

Aphasia Awareness

Why Aphasia Awareness Is So Important The long-awaited month of June is finally upon us. We’re taking to social media and beyond to educate our communities and the world about the importance of aphasia awareness. This time of the year is very important to our family because we’ve lived the struggles associated with this unseen […]

Important Facts For Stroke Awareness Month

Stroke Awareness Month

Important Facts For Stroke Awareness Month If you’re part of the “stroke club” that nobody wants to be part of but is full of really cool peeps (like us); you probably already know that this month is stroke awareness month. If you’re a visitor interested in learning more about stroke and aphasia, then buckle up, […]

What Is Aphasia?


What Is Aphasia? Aphasia has been in the news lately with Bruce Willis’ recent diagnosis. While our hearts are with him and his family as they navigate this complex, we’ve seen such an outpouring of awareness. For years, the aphasia community has tried to create awareness to initiate change for this unseen condition, and Bruce […]

The Ultimate Inspirational Playlist

Listening to music

The Ultimate Inspirational Playlist When you’re going through the valleys of life as a person with aphasia or perhaps a caregiver, an inspirational playlist can be very therapeutic. Music has inspired and given me hope throughout my journey as a wife and caregiver to my husband when I felt I was on the brink of […]

Communication Strategies For Adults With Aphasia

Communication Strategies For Adults With Aphasia

Communications Strategies For Adults With Aphasia Those with aphasia often develop multiple strategies to communicate with others and educate others about the best ways to communicate with them. We are sharing a few helpful resources and tips straight from my husband, Ryan’s, communication toolbox! Ryan has aphasia which means he has trouble speaking and has […]

A Heartfelt Note From The Author

Get In Touch

A Heartfelt Note From The Author Three years ago, when my husband had a massive stroke, I would have given anything to have a manual explaining how to deal with such a jolting life event. Unfortunately, there’s no manual, and even if there were, everyone’s experience is different when it comes to stroke, aphasia, and […]