Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! If you’re here, you must have some questions. We hope we have the answers, but if you don’t see it addressed below, please feel free to reach out to us at!

There are six sessions in Level 1 and five sessions in Levels 2 and 3.

Each session is eight pages long.

  • Good Morning: Phrases to use when having coffee with a spouse.
  • Dressed to Impress: Phrases to use when you need help getting ready or dressed.
  • Pets: Phrases to use to talk to others about your furry friend(s). 
  • Walk in the Park: Phrases and strategies to use when you’re walking out in nature.
  • Tech Talk: Phrases to advocate for yourself so others know the best ways to communicate with you.
  • Ordering Out: Phrases and techniques to use when out at a restaurant.
  • Grocery Shopping: Phrases to use when shopping for food and checking out at a grocery store.
  • Cooking: Phrases to use when you need you’re cooking with a loved one or friend.
  • Doctor’s Visit: Phrases and strategies to use to feel more independent when interacting with your doctor.
  • Gardening: Phrases and strategies to use when you’re out in a garden and planting something new.
  • Travel: Phrases to advocate for yourself when you’re traveling domestically or abroad.
  • Visiting With Friends: Phrases to use when you want to catch up with a friend.
  • Driving: Phrases to use when you’re driving to a specific destination.
  • Emergency: Phrases and strategies to use in case of an emergency.
  • Finances: Phrases and strategies to use when you’d like to learn more about the status of your finances.
  • Emotions: Phrases to advocate for yourself and how you’re feeling.

Not necessarily. The books are designed based on difficulty level. Level 1 is for beginners. Level 2 is intermediate, and Level 3 is advanced.

Absolutely! Aphasia Readers were birthed from the idea that adults with aphasia need relevant, yet simple readers to improve their speech. No more children’s books!

It’s recommended that you get in some kind of daily reading practice, but it depends on the person and their proneness to neuro fatigue. 

When reading our books, you’ll notice icons placed above certain words. This is to help with word retrieval. 

Use our intricate images at the end of various sessions to use as inspiration for writing practice. Write about the color of an object or what the scene is about or how it makes you feel. 

We do have customizable sections at the end of some sessions where you can personalize your type of practice. For example, in Aphasia Readers Level 1, there is a page to customize your coffee order so you can practice it to feel more confident when out in the community.

Absolutely! We give back a portion of proceeds to help spread aphasia awareness and also help others afford intensive speech therapy. 

Absolutely! Please contact to place your bulk order.

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