You Are Not Alone

"The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly."

You Are Not Alone

Aphasia can be a very, very lonely condition. It can be lonely for the person who has aphasia and also for their caregiver. My husband and I experienced this firsthand after his stroke. At that time, we didn’t even know what aphasia was, much less the repercussions that would later come from it. Looking back, we were both totally unprepared. If you’re reading this, aphasia has probably touched your life or your heart somehow. You may be new to the aphasia club, or perhaps, you’re still in the thick of it fighting to achieve your speech goals. Regardless, I felt it was important to tell you, my friend, that you’re not alone.

To The Person Who Has Aphasia

You never asked for this to happen to you, but you know what? You don’t have to walk this road alone. Thanks to modern technology, you can connect with others who share the same ups and downs of this new life you’re living. There’s so much strength there if you simply tap into it. I want you to remember the following affirmations:

  • You are strong
  • You are beautiful
  • You are VERY intelligent
  • You are a fighter
  • You are an overcomer
  • You can do this
  • You CAN get better, even years after your brain injury
  • You are loved
  • You can find a new purpose in life
  • And most importantly, you are not alone


To The Caregiver

Dear friend, I see you, and I know your struggle firsthand. The endless hospital stays, the late-night breakdowns in your shower where no one can hear you, the long trips to therapy and doctor’s appointments, the managing of the bills and bank account, and the many hats you so often wear. It takes a special person to be a caregiver in a marriage and as a family member. They are very different, but the loneliness can feel just the same. The loved one you used to laugh and talk with so easily is now unable to share their feelings or interact in detail. I want you to remember the following:

  • You are stronger than you think
  • This is but a season of your life
  • Your situation will get better
  • You are an overcomer
  • You are resilient
  • You are enough
  • You are beautiful inside and out
  • You are human, you will make mistakes, and that’s ok
  • You don’t have to do everything all at once
  • You are not alone


To The Supportive Family Member

You are such an important part of the recovery equation for your loved one with aphasia. What you do and the sacrifices you make will manifest in beautiful ways throughout your journey together. While some run from trials, you so bravely took on this new role. Being there for your loved one makes them feel less lonely; however, late at night, in the quiet times, you feel alone in this struggle. You may not understand why or know what the future holds, but I want you to remember a few things:

  • You are strong
  • You are capable
  • You are never alone
  • You are a crucial support system
  • You are important
  • What you do matters
  • Beautiful things are often made from ashes


No matter what part you play in the aphasia game, your role is so important in the journey to recovery. I want to encourage you to keep these affirmations handy the next time loneliness tries to grip your heart. I’m here to tell you that you can get through this, and you can have a blessed life as you recover from aphasia.

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God Bless,

Anna Teal

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